From Insights to Innovation: 9 Ways Consumer Data Transforms Business Strategy

From Insights to Innovation: 9 Ways Consumer Data Transforms Business Strategy

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) stand at the crossroads of brand strategy and data-driven decision-making. Regardless of whether the company is a global giant or a budding startup, consumer data has become an invaluable resource—equivalent to gold in its worth and influence. Here’s why every business, regardless of size, should make […]

SherlockAI Fine-tunes Audience Targeting, Amplifies Facebook Ad Efficiency

Revamping Facebook Ad Strategy with Behavior-Based Targeting 35-65 year-old demographic broadened to include behavior-based audience segments. A Leading Design Brand, a preferred client of Facebook, sought a more efficient use of their ad spend on the platform. Sherlock AI stepped in with a unique strategy: utilizing 7 diverse data sets, we shifted the brand’s focus […]

SherlockAI Redefines Customer Acquisition Strategy, Cuts CAC by 75%

Transforming OTT Customer Acquisition with Tailored Strategies 75% lower than the target acquisition cost set by client. A leading OTT platform was facing a high customer acquisition cost, higher than the annual subscription revenue. SherlockAI came to their rescue with its unique data blend of app usage data, socio-economic information, social media behavior data, and […]

SherlockAI Pinpoints Ideal Locations for New Coffee Shops

Revolutionizing Store Location Strategy with Advanced Insights When a global coffee brand was considering expanding their footprint in Mumbai, they needed more than just conventional wisdom to make their decision. SherlockAI layered multiple data points, such as the prosperity index, college locations, office hubs, and existing customer behaviors, to identify the ideal spot for the […]

Leveraging AI to Optimize Revenue Per Store for a Major Salon Chain

Boosting Revenue Per Store with Data-Driven Insights In an effort to increase average revenue per store, an international salon chain in Mumbai turned to Sherlock AI. Using a mix of our prosperity index, geo-location data, and average spending power of individuals, Sherlock AI identified underperforming locations to consider for closure. 5 Million Anonymized Users 5 […]

7 Secret insights about Pet Parents


Pet Owners: Secret Insights of pet parents in India Sherlock AI embarks on a cute mission this time. It identifies people who have pets in Mumbai & Pune and understands their consumer behavior. How does Sherlock AI even identify if someone has a pet, you ask? That’s the beauty of it. Sherlock AI can understand […]