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Five AI-films You Must Not Miss

So far we have discussed various applications of AI and methodologies to implement it, its successes and failures, and also how various industries are making use of AI in their daily lives. It is time to sit back and watch some amazing films and have a look at AI through the lens of some talented filmmakers.

The Matrix

Binge-watching the critically acclaimed The Matrix trilogy is our favourite pastime. Set in a dystopian future, the plot revolves around Thomas Anderson alias Neo, a computer programmer. Neo gets to know that humans have been trapped inside the Matrix, a simulated reality created by AI machines which use the human bodies as an energy source. While you are having a go at it, let us share with you that the sequels are a must-watch too.


This sci-fi romantic drama explores the emotional side of AI. The protagonist, Theodore Twombly, develops feelings for Samantha, a virtual assistant whom he purchased on the sidelines of an impending divorce. He is amazed at her ability to learn and grow. The film presents a refreshing perspective on the impact AI has on human relationships.

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma, which was released in 2020, explores the rise of social and its effect on the mind of the society. This docudrama directed by Jeff Orlowski takes into account various social media aspects including the manipulation of minds if not used without caution. It also throws light on the mental health of adolescents in relation to the use of social media. The movie tries to show how AIalgorithms may function in relation to social media. What makes the movie interesting is the interviews of ex-employees of tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple.

The Automation of Creativity

This documentary was made to comprehend the role of AI in advertising. Shot in London, Amsterdam, and Tokyo, this film seeks to show the initial impact of AI on the creative process of advertising vis-a-vis the role of The Automation of Creativity as well as AI’s impact on human jobs in advertising. Today, AI can perform a myriad human function with ease. It is only just then that the film features what went into the making of the world’s first AI advertisement. It also features AI-CD, the world’s first artificial intelligence creative director.

Do You Trust This Computer?

Self-learning computers have begun to reshape human life. Unimaginable volumes of data are created, interpreted and directed back at us via personal assistants, apps and targeted ads. This 78 minute film explores the advantages and risks this new era will usher us in.

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Video editing and film-making

If you have ever been in the business of video editing, especially when a famous celebrity was involved, and no matter how much you try to salvage the video, you cannot; deepfakes will help with that clip and your video will be made uninterrupted. Earlier, movie directors would spend millions on creating the perfect location for their movies. This is now achievable with a far lesser sum using deepfake and AI. Deepfakes can be real game-changers in film-making. Imagine new movies starring Charlie Chaplin opening to full houses. This, ofcourse, after all the copyright issues are taken into consideration..