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6 Consumer behavior secrets across people visiting branded F&B chains

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F&B branded chains in India and consumer behavior: Coffee, Tea, Ice Cream, Desserts & Fast Food

Sherlock AI sets out to understand consumers visiting the upscale HoReCa branded chains (mainly premium, coffee, tea, ice-cream, desserts, milkshakes and fast food chains) across India and identify what brand affinities they have. Sherlock AI is able to identify footfalls in these chains, and understand where these consumers are coming from (their home locations), the places they work at and other outlets (or showrooms) they have been to in the past. Blending this information, here are some amazing insights Sherlock AI brings forward to understand consumers like no other!

Sherlock AI first sets out to understand the brand positioning of these aspirational and upscale F&B brands, by understanding their typical price points. (also, did you know that Sherlock AI also has a ‘Prices Index’ which is representative of the restaurant and retail prices in a specific geolocation (based on putting together multiple datasets of restaurants’ menu pricing, apparel retailers’ pricing, hyperlocal commerce pricing, etc.)

Brand are classified based on ‘Price for 2’ cost available on major food delivery platforms. Brands identified and analyzed by Sherlock AI include Cafe Coffee Day, Costa Coffee, Barista Coffee Company Limited, Starbucks, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Love & Latte, Tea Post, Tea Villa Cafe Mumbai, 99 Pancakes, Apsara Ice Creams, London Bubble Co., Baskin Robbins, 5 Spice, Mad Over Donuts, Frozen Bottle, Keventers, Burger King, McDonald’s


Sherlock AI then dives into identifying footfalls at these different stores and the individual consumer behavior to understand what other places these people are going to.

Brand affinity

Unlocking the ‘inner’ fashionista

  • It’s interesting to see that mass aspirational brands such as Globus, Pantaloons, Celio, Louis Philippe are frequented and preferred by the consumers going to mid-segment food chains (which are themselves aspirational in nature).
  • The brand ‘comfort’ goes up a notch when it comes to upscale food chains, with consumers preferring Jack & Jones, Colorplus, Fab India and Allen Solly. It’s interesting to also note that consumers in this segment also tend to go to Jewelry stores (such as Reliance Jewels)
  • In the premium segment, we are able to see a clear distinction from a brand perspective. Consumers going to these premium food and beverage chains tend to visit premium clothing retailers such as Puma, Arrow & Peter England. They also have a high affinity towards jewelry (especially brands such as Tanishq). Also, they have a high tendency to be ‘sneaker’ heads and buy multiple sneakers / frequently change their shoes and sneakers. They have a high brand affinity towards premium sneaker brands such as Puma, Skechers & Clarks

ACDC: Not the band, but electronics

  • Brand comfort level goes up evidently across the segments. From consumers preferring Oppo, Lenovo & airtel in the mid & aspirational categories, we see  the brand comfort level going up significantly across the upscale & premium segments where consumers have a high affinity towards Dell and HP

Money, money, money

  • A similar observation can also be made fo the typical banks these consumers choose across the segments
  • With people choosing SBI, Canara Bank & Corporation Bank in the aspirational categories, we see foreign banks taking the fray for upscale & premium consumers who prefer CitiBank, Barclays and Standard Chartered! Whooo, this was interesting!

Interestingly Sherlock AI also points out that there are a lot of other Mass and Aspirational Brands in the mid-segment cafe & F&B chain category. Consumers who visit these aspirational F&B chains also have a high affinity towards discount supermarkets such as More, FoodBazaar, other food joints such as Taco Bell, Bata, Faasos & Subway.

Consumers who typically go to the upscale and premium food & beverage chains also tend to spend significantly on entertainment- as is evident by their movie going behavior, tendency to go to other food places and beverage chains

Interestingly, there seems to also be a high gifting behavior across people who go to premium F&B chains. This can be interpreted as follows: since these consumers have a high disposable income, they go to gifting brands (such as Archies) and pick out gifts for their loved ones. Also, read more about footfall visiting Starbucks stores in Mumbai here to understand which areas they are coming from, their prosperity index, when they visit Starbucks and other interesting consumer behavior patterns!

Check out the detailed knowledge graphs here to see brand affinities at an individual brand level. Do you want to use Sherlock AI to identify consumer behavior patterns, insights or even acquire consumers who go to your competitors? Sherlock AI is the world’s leading precision targeting engine which delivers high-intent audience targeting at lower CACs. Get in touch with us at [email protected] or schedule a call with us!

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